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Common Questions

Masternodes are servers which are constantly up and running in order to ensure private and instant transactions through decentralized network and receiving block rewards for doing so.
Both systems require owners of staking i.e. holding their coins on the network, but in PoS model individual can be holding any amount of coins and be acceptable for stake, thus staking more coins gives a bigger chance of minting new block as well as higher reward for validating transactions across the blockchain. Whereas masternodes are required to hold a fixed number of coins as a collateral in order to perform network functions, for example, instant and private transactions. It also has to be constantly running with dedicated server and IP address.
We are going to refund your investment, transaction costs should be covered by you.
Yes, you can get a full masternode or masternode share with Bitcoin or Ethereum. In your Nodexo Wallet section select the masternode you want to get and choose Bitcoin or Ethereum as investment.
Payouts are made to your coin wallet as soon as the masternode receives them. For example GoByte payouts are expected within 3-4 days.
Mainly, it depends on the masternode you have invested in. Try our investment calculator and estimate your income in real-time. Remember that ROI might change in time.

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